what are teeki's care recommendations?

as with any fashion line, we carry a range of styles which all may look, feel, and fit differently. it is totally normal. with that said, we're happy to assure you that we consistently maintain the teeki fabric quality we are known for across all styles. all hot pants are all made out of 79% Recycled Plastic and 21% Spandex. as part of our eco friendly processing, we don't do any kind of pre-washing or silicone washing. This saves precious water and eliminates chemical runoff. due to the organic nature of the product, you may notice slight variations from pant to pant. if necessary, you can hand wash your teekis in luke warm water with gentle detergent then hang dry. we strongly recommend mild, chemical-free laundry detergent. we do not recommend machine washing for any teeki products. teekis should be hung or laid flat to dry. with proper care, you can ensure longevity of wear and a low impact on the environment through the life of your teekis! this step will bring your teekis to that level of softness you've come to know and love. they're quick drying, so you won't be waiting long to slip into your teekis!

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