what are the requirements to become a retailer?

Wholesale requirements:

  • a valid federal tax ID number (domestic companies only)
  • a copy of your resale certification
  • an active URL for all ONLINE RETAILERS
  • a merchandise mix comparable to teeki's mission and aesthetic
  • you must agree to our terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions:

  • you agree to sell all teeki products at or above our MAP Pricing
  • you may not resell teeki products to another retailer
  • you may not use assets from the teeki.com website without prior, written permission
  • you may not sell teeki products on amazon.com, ebay.com, or any commerce website not approved by teeki.
  • you may not rename or otherwise change the name of a print
  • we do not authorize the use of our trademark for any promotional or advertising campaigns unless submitted and approved by the CEO of teeki, inc. if you are in violation of this legal action will be taken.
  • we prohibit wholesale accounts from bidding on our trademark term “teeki” as a google adword. This does not prevent a business from having a strong digital presence and does not limit the effectiveness of any strategic marketing campaign with high integrity. It does effectively protect our trademark and presence on google.”
  • we do not license out our trademark in any way. If you are in violation of this, legal action will be taken.

teeki reserves the right to use its judgment when accepting applicants to ensure our companies are in perfect alignment. we reserve the right to close any wholesale account at any time.

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